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Lancaster County dentist helping patients in need







A Lancaster County dentist has a lot of appointments this weekend. He’s giving back to the community by holding a free clinic for patients who don’t have dental insurance.

Dr. Sean Moriarty of Mor Smiles in Lititz says he wants to hold the free clinic every year. Dentists and doctors volunteered their time and they are seeing 80 patients in just three days.

“I went on the radio and I made an announcement that we were doing this and there were 694 calls on the phone out there when I came in,” says Dr. Moriarty.

Angela Kaufhold of Mount Joy says she’s excited to be able to see a dentist after her workplace dropped dental coverage. She cracked a tooth two months ago.

“It really hurts a lot, because not only is it jagged but they said the nerve is showing too,” she says. “So it’s been painful .”

Some patients are able to get multiple services, others are able to get a deep cleaning for the first time in years.

The clinic runs through Sunday.




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