Local News

Women is assaulted and her car stolen in Lancaster County


State police are looking for two individuals who stole a woman’s car in Lancaster County.

According to police on scene, Sonny Golden and Saantha Thomas, both of Drumore, Pa allegedly took Amy Keefer’sĀ  Mitsubishi Galant without her consent.

Police say Keefer found her car early Saturday morningĀ  along the 100 block of Short Lane, in Little Britian Township. While parked in front of the car, Golden and Thomas approached Keefer and attempted to enter her Galant.

Keefer was able to get a hold of her keys from Golden but told police she was assaulted in the process. Golden then took Keefer’s second vehicle and rammed it into the Galant, police said.

Police say after ramming the Galant, Golden then slammed the second car into a tree.

Both Golden and Thomas allegedly assaulted Keffer again before fleeing in the Galant at a high rate of speed police say.

Police were able to locate the Galant at Golden’s last known address.

Police are stills searching for both Golden and Thomas.


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