Crime victims’ families look for stronger mandates in PA on restitution collection

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Victims of crime in the Commonwealth say their perpetrators are not fulfilling their penalties.

Carla Kringer wants state lawmakers to know justice isn’t being served.

She says, “My mom has not received the restitution. She’s received not even a third and our crime occurred April 24th, 2008, so it’s been six years now.”

That’s when a drunk driver killed her dad.  Kringer says the driver still owes her family nearly $8,000.  So she’s testifying in front of the House Judiciary Committee.

Kringer says, “Convince the House of Representatives and the panel to take the recommendation of the PA Taskforce seriously.”

The Restitution Taskforce in PA presented 47 recommendations to the committee.  One includes deducting regular payments from the criminal’s salary.

Victim Advocate, Jennifer Storm says, “We developed these recommendations over a year ago and so many of them we’re able to accomplish but many we need legislative action and for the House to be willing to hear us and put forth our recommendations was huge.”

Republican State Representative Ron Marsico is the majority chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.  He says, “We’re going to develop legislation to advance those recommendations and sometime this year.”

Kringer is ready for a change in the Justice system, but it doesn’t erase the past.

She says, “”To me it’s blood money.  But that doesn’t mean that person shouldn’t be held accountable for that.”

Kringer book, “It’s a Wonderful Unfinished Life,” tells her father’s story but it also serves as a resource for all victims of crime.