Reaction: FDA proposal to regulate E-Cigarettes

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Some people use Electronic Cigarettes as a way to get their nicotine fix, but are they really safer? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration  wants to find out. The agency proposed studying and regulating the E- Cigarettes as a way to inform and protect the public.

“They’re growing, leaps and bounds. People want to get off cigarettes,” said Tracy Raudebaugh, a store manager at the Smokers Outlet on Mount Rose Avenue in York County.

The battery operated device turns chemicals and nicotine into an aerosol that is inhaled. Vaping or smoking E-Cigs is seen by users as a safer alternative to regular cigarettes.

If the proposal goes through the FDA would regulate E-Cigarettes just as they do cigarettes. “It still has nicotine in it, so people do get addicted and there are some chemicals in it,” said Marie Drawbaugh, a Tobacco Education Cessation Counselor with Wellspan.

FDA regulations would ban the sale of E-Cigarettes to minors. “We really find that a lot of young people using it because it’s high tech and what they are doing. We are finding that junior high and senior high are using it more so,” said Drawbaugh.

A rule already followed at the Smokers Outlet. “They have nicotine in them, so we do require ID,” said Raudebaugh.
E-Cigarette makes would also have to use health labels that warn users that nicotine is an addictive chemical. Companies would have to register with the FDA and disclose ingredients.

“I want to know what I am putting into my body just like the average consumer wants to know what they are putting into their body too,” said Raudebaugh, who doesn’t think this will affect the business. “People are going to buy them. It’s just like any other product. If they want it they are going to buy it regardless. But it is a good idea.”

The FDA is accepting public comment, and then will come up with a final proposal. This could take months or even longer.

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  • Robert Copia

    The FDA proposed regulations on “Electronic Cigarettes” contains one true statement, page 19, “ e-cigs have surpassed in popularity nicotine replacement products that have been available for quite some time”. Nicotine gum, lozenges, prescription drugs, inhalers, etc. are sold by Pfizer and Glaxo. Business is down and they do not like it. Thus the “war on ecigs” waged by Pharma through the politicians and media sources that they control. Regulate and tax e-cigs out of existence and at the same time conduct a campaign of fear and misinformation aimed at those who still trust government, dissuading smokers from trying e-cigs. Keep smoking or use the pharma products, that have a low rate of success.
    A Freedom of Information request filed with the European Union provides correspondence between Sophie Crousse, the VP of European Affairs with Glaxo, and Dominik Schnichels, who is in charge of E-cig regulations for the EU. Put “SANCO correspondence with Industry lobbyists over TPD” into google and read them for yourself.
    Bearing in mind that e-cigs are competition for Glaxo and that in July, 2012, Glaxo plead guilty to criminal and civil charges from the U.S. Justice Dept and paid a 3 Billion dollar fine for illegally targeting children and adolescents, through their doctors to become users of dangerous anti-depressants, the relationship between Ms. Crousse and Mr. Schnichels seems quite strange.
    Ms. Crousse’s services were not necessary in the U.S., because in March 2013, Mitch Zeller was appointed Director of FDA Center For Tobacco Products. From 2002 until 2013 Mr. Zeller was an Executive at PinneyAssoc., who had the exclusive contact with GLAXO to provide consulting services on issues related to tobacco dependence.
    Thus begins a full scale attack on e-cigs and a fear campaign aimed at hopelessly addicted smokers dissuading them from trying a product that might save them from the “death sentence” of addiction to tobacco cigarettes.
    The “Gateway to Tobacco Addiction” comes right out of the Glaxo memos.
    The CDC reports that many youths are experimenting with e-cigs which was widely and constantly reported in the media. On 12/18/ 2013, Susan Liss, the exec. dir. of the Campaign For Tobacco Free Kids, was pleased to announce ,”2013 was the 3rd year in a row for significant declines in teen smoking”. One may conclude that the e-cig is the “Gateway” out of smoking.
    This received no coverage, it did not fit the agenda.
    There are two brave people in government not afraid to take on “big Pharma’
    Terrence Young proclaims,’it is time to hold Big Pharma to account for it’s unscrupulous and corrupt marketing practices”.
    Rona Ambrose introduced a bill which includes stiff fines , 5 million a day and jail time for Pharma executives who break the law”.
    Unfortunately they are not in the USA. Mr. Young is a member of parliament in Canada and Ms. Ambrose is the Canada Health Minister.
    In the USA, the FDA protects the Pharma companies and regulates the American people.

    FDA RECOMMENDED 'ANTI-SMOKING PILLS” CHANTIX and ZYBAN MOTLEY FOOL INVESTMENT LETTER March 28, 2014  Chantix has seen sales top $700 million in the past, but the drug is now mired in controversy over potential suicides and cardiovascular risks. In fact, Pfizer had to dole out $273 million last year because of lawsuits stemming from suicides and other psychiatric problems.

    Smokers die after taking Zyban cure

    by RACHEL ELLIS, Mail on Sunday
    Eighteen smokers have died after taking Zyban – the new 'wonder cure' for nicotine addiction, The Mail on Sunday reveals today.
    The deaths, reported by GPs to the Department of Health, have occurred in the seven-and-a-half months since the drug was launched. Those who died were mainly in their 40s and 50s – although one was aged just 21.
    Health Department figures also show that 3,457 Zyban users have suffered a disturbing range of suspected side effects – from chest pains to fits, seizures and depression.

  • JulianH

    I have yet to see a child using electronic cigarettes. It's the parents' responsiblity to keep toxic items like antifreeze, scented laundry discs, medications, and nicotine away from kids. It's more likely a child will swallow toothpaste and be poisoned, but we aren't yanking toothpaste off the shelves or regulating it! Toothpaste is toxic, which is why there are warnings on it not to swallow. Not all e-cig e-liquid contains nicotine. There are people who use e-cigarettes for the flavor with zero nicotine. If you visit any reputable U.S. retailer of electronic cigarettes and supplies, like, you can read the e-liquid ingredients. You'll see that a nicotine level must be ordered each time; a level between 0mg-24mg. The average e-cig user, like me, uses an e-liquid with 6-12mg nicotine. E-liquid contains the same nicotine used in nicotine gum paid for by Medicare.

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  • Larry K

    After smoking for 28 years, I eventually quit with a combination of lozenges and patches. 10 years earlier, my doctor prescribed me Wellbutrin (chemically identical to Zyban) the only difference being that Wellbutrin was covered by insurance. I did suffer side effects which included nausea and small seizures or ticks. Of course, we didn’t discover this until I stopped taking it and the symptoms also ceased.

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