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Lancaster piano store to close its doors

It’s the grand finale for a Lancaster piano store. Reifsnyder’s has been in business for 110 years and will be closing its doors in June.  William Crabtree has been president of Reifsnyder’s for 40 years. But come June 1 he says the Lancaster piano store will close.

“ We had an offer on our property which we just could not refuse to take and it’s allowing us the opportunity to retire, “ says Crabtree

He says the decision wasn’t easy but that it was time for a lifestyle change.

“ When we get that done and have the chance to walk around an empty building I`m sure I`ll be thinking about the 40 years I spent here, “ says Crabtree

Dan Haubert, the former organist for the Harrisburg Senators, says he is sad to see that the store is closing.

“I was very sad it’s the only place that I know of in the area where you can buy a reliable piano. They’re a dime a dozen on Craig’s List but the reliability and repair work is so expensive,” says Haubert


The store now has to get rid of all of its inventory. The pianos are being sold at their liquidation sale which runs May 22 through June 1. There will also be an auction for furniture on June 7.


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