Donations help York County family pay off truancy fines

A terminally ill York County mom who’s been slapped with hundreds of dollars of fines for her son’s school absence is now in a more secure place.  Thanks to public support, the family has enough funds to pay off the truancy fines from the West Shore School District.

Dria Rhoades, of Newberry Township, was unable to pay $1000 in truancy fines.  She was also issued four warrants for failing to pay the school.  But Dria doesn’t know why she’s been fined because she’s had doctors’ notes to excuse her sick son from school.  Trevor Webster, 16, is a freshman at Red Lank High School.  Dria says he’s been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrom, Tourette Syndrome, epilepsy and cluster migraines.  He’s taken off two and a half weeks from school this year.  Dria says the school is aware of his medical conditions.

Update: Within the last 24 hours since the story first aired, you’re overwhelming support puts the Webster Family in a more secure situation.  A viewer started a fundraiser page.  They’ve raise more than $1000.