Donations help York County family pay off truancy fines

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A terminally ill York County mom who’s been slapped with hundreds of dollars of fines for her son’s school absence is now in a more secure place.  Thanks to public support, the family has enough funds to pay off the truancy fines from the West Shore School District.

Dria Rhoades, of Newberry Township, was unable to pay $1000 in truancy fines.  She was also issued four warrants for failing to pay the school.  But Dria doesn’t know why she’s been fined because she’s had doctors’ notes to excuse her sick son from school.  Trevor Webster, 16, is a freshman at Red Lank High School.  Dria says he’s been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrom, Tourette Syndrome, epilepsy and cluster migraines.  He’s taken off two and a half weeks from school this year.  Dria says the school is aware of his medical conditions.

Update: Within the last 24 hours since the story first aired, you’re overwhelming support puts the Webster Family in a more secure situation.  A viewer started a fundraiser page.  They’ve raise more than $1000.







  • Sally P

    The woman who cries wolf. Turn on the water works and see what stranger will do? I think the news should know the history behind why she and her family are the way they are. She caused most of it. Maybe the news station should find people who know her and see what they can add to this story, or better yet why don't they ask the kids father? You can criticise all you want, but until you know her, don't just assume that she is telling the whole truth. This isn't the first time she has done this for attention.

  • Renee

    He should be doing free public school at home. There are several of them. That should take care if the situation.

  • Stacy S

    Using an IEP as an excuse is WRONG… my daughter has an IEP and has perfect attendance… having an IEP has nothing to do with "medical" problems… an IEP is an Individual Education PLAN not an excuse to miss school. As for the doctors notes… ANYONE can get a doctor to sign a note even if they weren't seen if they really wanted to… I would like the school to call the doctor and see if he was/is really under his care and what issues he truly has… with a second opinion…if he really does have the issues she claims he has THEN maybe he don't belong in a public school like this one… maybe he needs a special needs school. I feel that the mother just don't push him to go and is now using medical problems (both his and hers if they exist) to get the public sympathy and get someone else to pay her fines.

    • Dria

      if u have nothing nice to say plz keep ur comments yourself.. my child has several medically documented health issues as well as i do and they do investigating reporting before they take a story like this.. he has good grades does well in school; u do not know the whole story plz keep ur ignorance to yourself. if u listened to the news story u would of heard that we r not doing this for money or publicityi am doing this to help other parents as well that r in the same situation…

  • I Know

    Here's another opinion from someone who knows this family. I do feel truly sorry for her children and any illnesses they may have. BUT she has added to some of the poor health issues before they were even brought into this world. She ignored doctors orders when they were inside . She drank , smoked, did drugs while she was pregnant. If she had the choice between spending her little bit of money for food or beer, the beer and cigarettes won out. She is a queen manipulater and she is trying to manipulate public opinion now. Why doesn't Fox 43 interview the kids father. Ask him how she manipulated children and youth and local police. Again I feel sorry for the children but there has been opportunity for intervention but many have failed. These kids have not only missed school for illnesses, they also have missed school when they have wanted to finish the next level of video game that is currently being played. They've missed school when they have missed the bus and mom just didn't feel like driving them. Somebody else mentioned she is receiving money for not only her disability but her child's disability as well. That is true the state takes very good care of them. But she is the one that has made poor choices in her life and they have effected the children too. Now she wants you to help and your pity in a situation that she has helped create. And those of you who say she can't create these health issues. She could have taken steps to minimize some of these problems early on. She chose to party instead. Check into her HISTORY. When was the last time she actually held a job. She had one once for about a week. She INJURED herself on the job. Refused to participate in therapy. Sued the company and 4 years later was awarded 50k dollars lump sum. It was gone in 3 months. She also was receiving compensation based on what her weekly income was going to be if she had continued working. That was on top of the $50k. That wasn't good enough she sued again to have this changed over to another large lump sum payment. Where is that money now. If this mother who is crying for help now had managed her money properly and used this money and the money that the state now gives her to compensate her living and medical bills now she wouldn't be having the financial problems that she having now. She is not the poor little thing that the West Shore School district is picking on. If she just got out of bed and sent these kids to school like a good mother when the kids weren't truly suffering from illness she wouldn't be in the mess she is in today.

  • Jessica C.

    Red Land is a terrible high school. When I was a freshman there 5 years ago they tried to pull the EXACT SAME stunt they're pulling now. Though I was missing school due to severe depression caused by bullying, which the school chose to ignore. The days absent were covered by the doctors excuse I handed in, they some how 'misplaced" it or that "I never handed it in" & sent my family a truancy fine. Its funny how Red Land High School has a habit of "MISPLACING" doctors excuses & replacing them with truancy fines.

  • janice

    I don't think truancy fines are legal. Rebecca Soloman didn't they have a class action suit about this in Lebenan County and the parents won. 2 weeks of missed school is not very much when your mom is dying of cancer– other posts mention the dad so why didn't this dad drive him to school– obviously a little help is needed. These haters who took time to write comment maybe they should help out a little. Nobody asks for cancer, or aspergers, or torretts. This women may be gone soon, I feel terrible for this boy- I don't even think school administration is human. Stop judging people this boy needs help and if it helps a dying women too why would anybody be upset about that.

    • Sally P

      Nobody has cancer. Where did u get that from. The fathers not there because she pushed him out a long time ago. She is not what u think she is, when u know the family and the history behind it then u can judge.

    • JLL

      Cancer is a terrible disease. Its not fair how quickly cancer can take over and destroy a life. But I hope someone at Fox43 verified that she has this terminal disease. Dria has had some sort of dysfunction since her high school days. She has used some sort of story to get people to take care of her whole life. Family, friends, neighbors and anyone who was willing to help come to some sort of rescue. If you are in her inner circle you have already seen it or its a matter of time before you do. I just knew when I saw this story last night it was going to turn out to be some sort of plea for help. Sure enough….this morning I wake up to find out someone had set up a relief fund for her…. And people bought it.

  • Haley Elizabeth Buffington

    I feel very sorry for each and every one of you on here complaining about this woman. It’s very sad that you have nothing better to do than get on your high horse in the comments. I guarantee if you were in her position you’d do the same thing. There’s absolutely no sense in acting as if you are better than anyone, everyone has a past and you shouldn’t be so quick to pass judgment because I’m willing to bet you aren’t as perfect as you’d like to think. Dria in NO WAY asked for help or handouts of any kind, I chose to help her and her family because the same thing happened to me. This isn’t a case of someone trying to abuse the good will of people around her like you would all love to believe, it’s a case of a school district that needs to revamp some of its policies. Again, I feel very badly for all of you that feel it appropriate to trash her on these comments. Remember that karma is a very real thing!

    • JLL

      And karma is exactly what she is getting back. She has used and abused many over time. Karma has a real nasty sting sometimes.

    • MyTakeOnIt

      Notice though that all comments unfavorable to Dria come from people claiming to know her
      and all comments showing compassion are from people who did not claim to know her.

  • MyTakeOnIt

    The Court of Public Opinion is in session. So far, we have character witnesses from before the child was born to present. Mom is identified as a player of the system after ignoring basic pregnancy rules that probably contributed to the child's health problems. She is accused of continuing a pattern of bad parenting behavior throughout the child's life into high school and misusing funds acquired for his care and through legal settlements of possible purposeful workplace injury. The defendant did not testify in this court. She allegedly is using media for sympathy which has resulted in some members of the Court of Public Opinion contributing money which exceed the amount of the fines and may or may not be used to do so.
    Opinions of the Court range from compassion toward the boy (which never was questioned to begin with) to contempt of the mother. Variations of discussion about illnesses have branched off which this article is not about.
    The Court of Public Opinion is split at this time and a Hung Jury may yet occur.

  • D.E.

    People wake up!! I just checked the York County court system, and she plead guilty to all the fines!!! I, myself, am a truancy officer for a school district in York County, and there is no way that a district will fine for a date if a doctor's note was actually provided to the school for that date. This story is doesn't contain all the facts. Schools will work with a parent, including developing Truancy Elimination Plans and putting other procedures into place to get the child into school. Not to mention, all districts must keep any notes that are submitted on file. I do understand the mother may be terminally ill, but asking for donations for truancy fines that she plead guilty to is a bit ridiculous.

    • janice

      If you are a truancy officer you are a evil demon. Get a real job and stop sponging off our tax money. Guess what the students and families you terrorize pay your salary. Your comment proves you are a nasty bitch! You should be put in jail for terrorizing families. My family was also threatened with truancy and jail when the school was abusing my son and forcing him out eventually we had to move him to another district now he is having no trouble. THE SCHOOLS USE TRUANCY TO BULLY PARENTS!!!! By the way the "plans" your talking about is just more evil manipulation-GO AWAY DEMON!!!!!

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