VIRAL VIDEO of homeless man “pranked” into his very own home will make your day

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A few months ago a video of a homeless man “pranked” into winning the lottery went viral.  Eric, the homeless man was so happy about winning $1,000 he wanted to share his good fortune.

The video gained so much attention online that the prankster  YouTube user “Magic of Rahat” was able to start a fundraising page to get Eric a home of his own.

The site was able to raise over $44,000 which went towards, rent, furniture, food, clothes, and even a small bank account to get him started.

In the video above Eric is tricked into coming to the house. Watch his shock an sheer joy as he realizes it’s all for him.


  • Kerri

    God Bless all of you who have made this possible for this man!! Maybe – hopefully this is the beginning of many great deeds initiated by strangers and loved ones..this made me cry – I can't believe the good I am seeing in people lately and I can definitely handle seeing a lot more!!! Compared to what we've been seeing for far too long, this lifts me up – way up. And let me say that I am a mom who has struggled for years and would have loved for this to happen to me but when I seen this video, it was different than other things I have seen – I did not feel jealous or ask why this didn't happen to me; I felt touched – someone with a total heart who needed it so much more has a place to live and a JOB!!! WTG everyone – especially Eric!!! You have touched a lot of people in a lot of different locations and by sharing this story I think, I hope, you are giving millions of people room for hope, pride, and love!!! Enjoy your new home!!! Hope to hear how your doing in an update someday!

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