Local News

Tornado dogs finding new homes

People lined up outside, waiting for the Lancaster SPCA to open Saturday morning. It was adoption day for the shelter’s dogs – including 23 dogs rescued from shelters in Tupelo, Mississippi that were devastated by tornadoes.

21 of those dogs were adopted Saturday and they’ll be taken to their new homes on Thursday.

“We can’t thank the community enough,” says manager Jennifer Nields. “It is absolutely wonderful to see how many people come together when something like this happens.”

But two dogs are left – the shelter is hoping to adopt them as a pair, which makes it more difficult.

Bentley and Tasha are both just over a year old. They’re not blood-related but are as close as brother and sister; they were surrendered by their owner together, because of financial reasons. Then the tornado hit their shelter.

“They survived through the tornado together and were shipped up here from the disaster … They’ve been together since puppies, so they’ve gone a long way together so they are very bonded,” says Nields. “When one goes, the other one wants to go right with them.”

One family expressed interest in the dogs, but taking on both will be more of a challenge.

“If nobody comes for the both of them, just for the sake of getting them out of the shelter and into good homes where they should be, we will separate,” says Nields.

But the shelter hopes they won’t have to separate these two best friends.



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