Local News

Susquehanna Township School District names acting superintendent

The Susquehanna Township School District Board names an acting superintendent.  Dr. Jeffrey Miller’s job will be to transition the district while they look for a permanent superintendent.  Dr. Miller fills a void with the departure of Dr. Susan Kegerise.  Last month, Dr. Kegerise filed a federal lawsuit against the school district and three district board members for 6 million dollars.

The school then took the lawsuit as Dr. Kegerise’s resignation, although she continues to fight to get her job back. She has petitioned a Dauphin County judge to reinstate her.

Dr. Miller says he hopes to get the district back on track.

“This district has had some difficult times. I’m hoping I can provide a steady hand to right the ship, get it moving in the right direction and provide a seamless transition to their new leadership.”

Also at the meeting, the school board accepted Assistant Superintendent Kim Donahues’ notice to decline the renewal of her contract. Both Dr. Kegerise and Donahue were listed in a petition by more than 800 parents and community members asking for their resignation.


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