Heavy losses to businesses in Cameron Street fire

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Crews went through the business complex on Cameron Street Tuesday, looking over the extensive damage from Monday night’s three-alarm fire.

For Volunteers of America PA, this warehouse is a total loss. It held clothing and household items that would have gone to thrift stores for the non-profit.

“It’s totally destroyed,” says CEO Melissa Vayda. “You can see everything is damaged, either wet or burnt. And obviously the smoke damage, so we wouldn’t be able to use any of the clothing that was in there as well.”

The fire started in the lot of Hebron, Inc. , a vehicle salvage business. That company also suffered heavy damage, including burned, warped cars.

“I thought i was going to be able to move my car but there was no chance,” says owner Kathleen Alzghier. “It was too hot, I couldn’t get close to it, I singed my face just running by here.”

Much of the area is covered in layer of broken glass and ash.

If you would like to contribute to help Volunteers of America PA, you can visit voapa.org.