My battle with Crohn’s Disease

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I worked for 12 years without calling in sick.  That is, until 2010 when I started experiencing more frequent flareups.  Just recently my body finally gave in to Crohn’s disease.  I was diagnosed when I was just 17 years old and have often fought bouts of pain from flareups.  This however, was not like the other times.  My disease had progressed and I had formed an abscess that I tried to ignore because I hate missing work.   After spending several days in the hospital, I started to hear from so many people who also suffer from this disease.   To help shed light on this illness that is often not talked about, I interviewed my gastroenterologist Dr. Mark Noar out of Towson, MD.

Dr. Noar says that while most people can live very fulfilling lives with Crohn’s, not everyone is as lucky.  He talked about the dangers in ignoring symptoms, how the disease progresses over the years and the various treatments that are available to try and keep Crohn’s in remission.

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