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Lebanon County Firefighter Battling Cancer Receives Warm Welcome Home

For nearly two years, Robert Sweigart has been fighting more than just fires; he’s been fighting a battle with a AML, a type of Leukemia.

“Everything was going good until last Thursday night and Friday they said we have to put him in ICU and we can`t fix him,” Robert’s parent, Reese Sweigart  said. “This was his last wish, was simply to come home to die because he did not want to die in that hospital.”

The Goodwill Fire Company, where Robert has been a volunteer since he was 14, wanted to give him the warm welcome home he deserves.

Fire crews from all across Lebanon Cofirefighterwelcomeunty met at Hershey Medical Center Wednesday afternoon to escort Robert to his home in Ephrata Township.

“I didn`t realize it was going to get this big,” said Chief Bricen Kale with the Goodwill Fire Company. “ It was actually overwhelming to me.  It`s just amazing the support from the fire service that we received today.”

Once at the house, a line stretched out the door as people waited their turn to see Robert.

“I’m just amazed that the brotherhood pulled together so fast and had this big of a turnout,” said Robert’s brother, Randall Sweigart.  “It`s just great.”

“I can’t put it into words,” Reese Sweigart added.  “Amazing, stupendous, outrageous, overwhelming.”

Those who know and love Robert say the warm welcome home is the least they can do for a man that has done so much for others.

“He was always there to help us; anytime the bell rang, Robert was there to help; anything that he could do,” Chief Kale added.


1 Comment to “Lebanon County Firefighter Battling Cancer Receives Warm Welcome Home”

    Karen Redcay said:
    May 16, 2014 at 10:03 AM

    God Bless you Robert. I hope you enjoy your remaining time at home surrounded by those who mean the most to you, including all your brothers and sisters in the fire service. Your dedication and sacrifice will never be forgotten and neither will your bravery for fighting multiple battles at the same time. May you be greeted by all the brothers and sisters who’ve gone before you. We miss them all.

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