31-year-old woman arrested pretending to be high school student

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Charity Anne Johnson (Source: Gregg County Jail)

A 31-year-old Texas woman is arrested after pretending to be a 15-year-old high school student calling herself “Charity Stevens,” KLTV reported. Charity Anne Johnson has been enrolled at the New Life Christian school since October and allegedly used a fake ID.  The woman claimed she had been abused by her parents and did not have transcripts because she was homeschooled. She was given a guardian who discovered she was not a child and informed police.

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A photo of Charity from her Facebook page, where she was listed under her alias “Charite” (Source: Facebook)

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  • MyTakeOnIt

    Ah, the dream of finishing high school.
    Better stick with getting a GED in jail, hon. Don't worry, we'll still all pay for it.

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