Job seekers flock to York career fair as employers look to hire

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York stepped up to attract more workers today.  The city staged a first-of-its kind push to help the unemployed.  Hundreds of job seekers made their way to the Career Fair Thursday morning.  It was clear from the turnout people are anxious and interested in working. The fair took place inside the First St. John’s Lutheran Church, on King Street.  48 employers represented the fair with over 200 jobs available.

State Representative Kevin Schreiber hosted the fair along with help from Bell Socialization Services.  Schreiber says the big turnout means the market’s improving.

He says, “”It’s manifested here and the long lines and lengthy wait for people who are anxious and interested in employment shows people are willing to work. We need to get them connected with employers.”

Schreiber says unemployment is still a problem in York County and the State.  Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate is hovering at 6.5%.  Schreiber says the ability to bring companies and potential workers together can spark the market.


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  • MyTakeOnIt

    While it was "something", it wasn't all that. The majority of the stations were classified as institutions for higher education or temp employment agencies. There were a few employers that were merely there to point people to go to their regularly scheduled in-person on-site application fests and teasers about possibilities of future hiring. A fair showing of civil servant information like York City, York County and State Police. Actually had real job postings at the York City booth. There were very few who accepted applications or resumes. Maybe I expect too much.

    I didn't find this to be largely helpful but decided to go after I lost one of my two jobs just one hour before this job fair began. I guess I will be bombarded with contacts from all of the requests for name, address, email and phone number.

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