Police investigating string of random shootings in Lancaster County

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Jesse Sheets and his family live along the 500 Block of Clearfield Road in Providence Township. His house is just one of several that have been hit by bullets this month.

“Our kids could have been walking through the house,” Sheets said. “We’ve got four little ones, any one of them could have been struck by a bullet.”

The most recenshootingt shooting was in Pequea Township. Pete Riviera says he woke up to find a bullet hole in the back of his pickup truck.

“I usually sit right up there and watch TV; somebody could have shot up at my window or something,” Riviera said. “It’s dangerous. People should not be out doing that.”

Sergeant Robert Jones with the Pennsylvania State Police said since April 29th, they’ve had more than a dozen reports of shots being fired.

“It’s a matter of people not realizing; they’ve heard a noise, they’ve heard something during the evening, they go out the next day and find  a hole in their vehicle, or damage to the siding of their house, that was caused by a projectile,” Jones said.

Jones says they are working with local law enforcement agencies to see if the shootings are related.

“We’re lucky right now that no one has been hurt,” he said. “We are trying to find out who is doing this so we can put an end to it.”

Until that end comes, residents in Lancaster County say they’re concerned for their safety.

“That’s crazy; now you can’t sit by your windows because you never know who’s going to come by and shoot at you,” Riviera said.

Anyone with information on these random shootings is asked to call State Police or their nearest local law enforcement agency.