Water Street Ministries looking to raise $500,000

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The Water Street Ministries has been serving the Lancaster community for over 110 years  and now they need your help to keep up with costs of running their facilities and serving others. They’re facing a  large deficit and are looking to raise $500,000 by the end of June.

The president of Water Street says the rough winter and having to replace aging beds have all added to their costs. They’re also now faced with having to replace multiple kitchen appliances that have failed.

“ We want to give dignity to everybody who comes here. We want them to feel like they’re cared for and that they can start their lives over so you have to have a standard that shows that care and concern, “ says Chasz Parker, President, Water Street Ministries

If you’d like to help Water Street Ministries reach their $500,000 goal click here to donate: