Local News

EMTs thanked for their dedication

More than 200 emergency responders in Lancaster County got a big thank you for all that they do to help others on Sunday. A huge appreciation picnic was organized by Lancaster General Health. It’s a way to thank Emergency Medical Technicians and ambulance crew members who serve the hospital and the surrounding community.
Each year, more than 100,000 patients are treated at LGH’s Emergency Department and Trauma Center. The job and stress can take a real toll on providers.
“The demands physically and emotionally are very much similar to the police and fire and because of that, it does take both a physical and emotional toll on the provider just out there doing the job each and every day,” says Ron Baier, EMS Communications Manager.
Baier says the average career of an EMT is only a few years because the demands are so high.
Sunday marked the beginning of EMS week.


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