Local News

Gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf makes stop in Lancaster day before Primary

Tom Wolf is one of four people whose name will be on the ballot Tuesday for a chance at the governor’s seat.

Monday, he was joined by fellow democrats, including Mayor Rick Gray, as he toured local businesses in downtown Lancaster; encouraging voters to think fresh.

“We’re talking about investiwolfng heavily in education,” he said. “We’re talking about investing in a 21st century infrastructure that’ll not only create jobs building it, but create a new Pennsylvania.”

Wolf will be facing off against fellow democrats Allyson Schwartz, Rob McCord and Katie McGinty in Tuesday’s primary.

He says it’s crucial people exercise their right to vote.

“I think people really think Pennsylvania is worthy of much better and if that’s the case, we do have a democracy here and it’s incumbent on all of us to come out and express our opinions forcefully in the ballot box.”

Whichever candidate wins the primary will secure a spot on the November ballot, running against the incumbent, Tom Corbett.


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