Local News

Paterno family seeks truth from NCAA and PSU

A judge in Centre County listened to arguments about whether Penn State University can block a subpoena that Joe Paterno’s family wants to serve.  The Paterno estate is requesting millions of documents from the Louis Freeh Law Firm.

The estate wants to know how Penn State University handled the Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse scandal and the decision to fire Paterno.  Lawyers for the Paterno family want the records as part of their lawsuit to get the sanctions against Penn State overturned.  Lawyers for the NCAA say they caused no harm.  However Paterno estate attorneys argued back, saying the NCAA was in communication with the Freeh team before the report was released.

So Paterno estate attorneys say they have a right to challenge the consent decree.  They want to know the reasons for the accusations and decision they’ve made.

Paterno family spokesman, Dan McGinn says he will wait to hear the truth.  He says, “We respect the court , these things take time. Joe Paterno cautioned that, people want to rush and that’s what made this case unfortunate and why so many people are upset because we still don’t know the truth.”


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