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Adams County woman ecstatic after being reunited with the monkey she raised

Suzanne Murray is thrilled after being reunited with a monkey named Bug that she raised for the last 12 years at her sanctuary in Fairfield. “Bug Murray is back and we’re good to go, I’m just so happy” said Murray. Bug was found by a neighbor who saw him feasting on cat food on her porch. The neighbor called Murray who couldn’t believe her ears. “I answered it and she goes do you want to go pick your baby up and I just freaked out.My brain couldn’t even function. She kept telling me the address and I’m like I don’t know where that is, but it was right up the road” said Murray.

Murray had been searching for him since Saturday when he got out of his cage during an accidental fire which tore through the East Coast Exotic Animal Rescue sanctuary she founded. When Murray realized the sanctuary was on fire she rushed in and pulled out more than 30 animals including snakes, birds and monkeys. She did lose 2 cats, but said it could have been worse. Now that Bug is back the focus is on rebuilding. “That’s our next goal, is just to rebuild and make it better and make it safer. I think we did, for what we had, a phenominal job of getting everybody out” said Murray.

Bug and the roughly 200 other animals at the sanctuary owe their lives to Murray. IF YOU WANT TO DONATE TO THE REBUILDING EFFORTS CLICK HERE. 


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