Cumberland County Sheriff Warns Community of Phone Scam

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Phone Scam: “Loved Ones Being Held Hostage”
Cumberland County, Pennsylvania– The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office has received reports of a possible phone scam taking place in Cumberland County. Individuals have reported receiving calls from someone stating they are with the Sheriff’s Office and that they owe money and must make payment immediately or face arrest. These calls may even appear either with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office or Cumberland County’s phone number on the phone caller identification.
It is not the practice of the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office to address such issues over the phone. The Sheriff’s Office would send uniformed personnel to the homes of individuals with formal paperwork, either civil papers or a warrant. Anyone receiving such phone calls should assume it is a scam and discontinue the call immediately. Individuals are also asked to report any suspicious calls referencing the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office by calling 717-240-6390.
The mission of the Sheriff’s Office is to enforce court orders issued from the Cumberland County Court of Common Pleas and to maintain peace throughout the county by enforcement of the Commonwealth’s: Crimes Code, Vehicle Code, and the Pennsylvania Rules of Court. For more information on the Sheriff’s Office visit