Kidnap victim found after 10 years in California

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CNN) — Police in Santa Ana, California, have located a 25-year-old woman nearly a decade after her mother reported her missing.

Details on the case are scant, but here’s what authorities are saying so far, based on what the victim has told them:

The mother reported to police in August 2004 that her then 15-year-old daughter disappeared along with her live-in boyfriend, identified as Isidro Garcia.

He had started to sexually assault the daughter in June, Santa Ana police said. They did not name the victim.

That August, Garcia allegedly attacked the mother, drugged the daughter and drove her to a house in Compton, California, where he gave the girl fake IDs and locked her in a garage.

He repeatedly told the girl her family had given up looking for her, and that if she tried to go home, the family would be deported.

He arranged for the two of them to work at a night cleaning service and moved on occasion to avoid detection, police said.

“Even with the opportunity to escape, after years of physical and mental abuse, the victim saw no way out of her situation and lived a life with Garcia under sustained physical and mental abuse,” police said.

In 2007, Garcia allegedly forced the teenager into a marriage and in 2012 they had a child.

The case finally came to light because the woman contacted her sister on Facebook and reached out to authorities.

Garcia, 41, was arrested Wednesday and booked on suspicion of kidnapping for rape, lewd acts with a minor, and false imprisonment, police said. It was not immediately clear whether he had retained an attorney.


  • JustSayin

    So she was able to get out of the garage and work at night……was let out to get married and have a baby…….I don't know I'm thinking it must not have been so bad? Sounds like a young, stupid, uneducated teenage girl who got involved with a much older, uneducated man. Not sure kind of mother this young girl had…..but I would, well lets not talk of what I would do to a man of that age who would even try and talk to my teenage daughter!!!!

  • Kerri

    Wow everyone else is assuming it's the young girl's boyfriend too…I just automatically read it as the [mom's] live-in boyfriend! I have to agree with everyone that this mom must have been messed up in the head to allow her daughter at 15 to have a boyfriend two or three years older than her let alone twice her age BUT what like Debra also states…what type of sick-o gets involved with her in the first place and then on top of that continues it the way he did!!! Mom didn't commit a crime (legally speaking) but this man did from day one

  • Kerri

    Have to ask because they do make errors pretty often… WPMT please clear up if this is the mom's boyfriend or if it was the 15 year old's boyfriend???

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