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The Dauphin County Drug Court holds rehab graduation ceremony

In Harrisburg, a new journey began for 5 people on Thursday.

Authorities in Dauphin County held a graduation ceremony for 5 participants who successfully finished an intensive drug and alcohol rehab program. The ceremony also coincides with National Drug Court Month.

Officials created the program in 2008 to transition offenders from their addictions to recovery.

“We don`t contend that we will cure addiction, once someone is an addict it is a lifetime issue for the rest of their lives and we like to think that we give them the tools to deal with their addiction to make themselves become productive, useful citizens,” said Dauphin County Drug Court Judge Richard Lewis.

By not sending offenders back to jail, the program saved the county a total of $2.4 million.

51 people have completed the program and 57 are now enrolled.

The program requires offenders to go to weekly court appearances, keep up employment, remain drug and alcohol free for a minimum of 6 months before graduation, complete all required treatment and support continuing treatment goals until supervision is concluded.



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