Veteran trying to help fellow service members through free auto repairs

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A veteran from North Dakota has made it his mission to help other service members in need and he’s now in Harrisburg fulfilling that mission. He got to Harrisburg after helping a friend move to the city and is sticking around to help fellow veterans. Larry Mendivil started Miracles For Vets 2 years ago to provide assistance for fellow veterans. “I’ve just dedicated everything I have into this cause and I really believe in it” said Mendivil.

Mendivil offers automotive work free of charge for any veteran that asks and after meeting US Army reservist Kelli Franklin at a Walmart in Harrisburg he helped her with new rotors and exhaust repair work. “A lot of the people that I was in the service with we don’t even speak anymore. I don’t talk to a lot of them. For someone who is already a vet to come up to me willing to help, it just brings us closer together as veterans” said Franklin.

For the next 2 weeks Larry plans to set up repair stations in the parking lot of businesses throughout Harrisburg that will allow him to do so. On Friday he was at Ducks Auto Repair Service and they were more than happy to help. “The veterans deserve to have some kind of positive reenforcement when they get back. They’re struggling to readjust from being overseas, they need somebody to help them out” said Ducks Auto Repair Service owner Mike Lewis.

Franklin is one of those veterans who was happy for the help. “This wouldn’t have happened had I not bumped into Larry. I feel great” said Franklin. If you would like to donate to Miracles For Vets or are a veteran who needs help go to their website by CLICKING HERE.