Local News

48th Annual Harrisburg Artsfest Officially Underway

It’s that time of the year again; the 48th Annual Harrisburg Artsfest is officially underway.

Hundreds of people made their way to Front Street Sunday where more than 200 artists from both near and far were showcasing their finest work.

“This is huge.  It gives the people who live here an opportunity to see all the talent and what everybody is passionate about,” said local artist, Teresa Haag.

There was also dozens of foartsfestod vendors, live music and dancing.

“Just to come down and listen to the fabulous jazz; it’s just fun! It’s just a fabulous event,” said Harrisburg resident and local performer, Michelene Malosh.

Visitors said one downside to the event was having to pay for parking on Saturday.

This is the first year people had to feed the meters in downtown Harrisburg during the festival.

“It’s a shame, in my opinion, you’re shooting yourself in the foot business wise to charge for parking on a Saturday,” Malosh said.  “It seemed a little slower.”

The Artsfest will continue through Memorial Day.


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