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Man says Wal-Mart forced him to stay in bathroom

A Wal-Mart employee says he was forced to spend his entire shift – lasting 7 hours – inside a store bathroom.

Now the man’s family is upset, saying he’s being treated unfairly due to a recent injury.

But Wal-Mart claims this is normal and that they always have a bathroom monitor.

The man’s brother says he was hurt on the job at Wal-Mart and was on light duty until he recovers from a shoulder injury, so instead of lighting heavy boxes, Wal-Mart had him monitor the bathroom.

The store says the man was asked to move from bathroom to bathroom to make sure they were neat and tidy.

Wal-Mart also claims it doesn’t have “bathroom attendants.”

But the man’s family says he’s sick from “smelling feces and urine all day”.

Wal-Mart says its now investigating the incident.


2 Comments to “Man says Wal-Mart forced him to stay in bathroom”

    Julian said:
    May 26, 2014 at 8:44 AM

    I always greet the bathroom attendant, sorry, "monitor". Sometimes I'll even tip him if he offers to turn on the sink for me.

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