Atheists in MD fight to have WWI memorial removed

By, Heather Warner

While many people took time honoring those who have served in our military this past weekend, a group of people in Maryland is fighting to have a memorial for our soldiers taken away.

Atheists want a memorial honoring World War 1 vets removed because it bares a cross, which they say, violates separation of church or state.

The memorial sits at a park in Prince George’s county, and right now, there’s a lawsuit that could change that.

One of the atheists fighting to have it removed says it’s the location, on what he believes is public land, that is really upsetting his group.  It does sit between two major roadways, but technically it is part of the adjacent park. Atheist, Steven Lowe says, “as a non-Christian, I don’t want to be confronted by a government mesa he like the existence of a cross on what appears to be public land.”

The marker has been here nearly a century.  Veterans, and family of veterans, are very passionate about it staying where it is. “I think in general it is a symbol of self-sacrifice.  That’s what it is. A symbol of self-sacrifice,” says Stella Green, a mother of a Marine.