Illegal Immigrants make a push to obtain drivers license

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Several undocumented Pennsylvanians testified at the Capitol Building Wednesday, urging lawmakers to pass legislation that would allow them to get a driver’s license.

The proposed House Bill would give everyone in the State a driver’s license, regardless of immigration status.

Pablo Escobar fears he’ll never obtain a driver’s license.  He says, “I’m putting my best effort, working, paying taxes like everybody else.  I’m getting nothing in return.”

He’s asking lawmakers to pass House Bill 1648.  The painter moved from Argentina to Easton in 2002.  He says the bill would give him, his fiance and 3-year-old daughter more protection.

Escobar says, “It’s going to be more safe for the drivers, the immigrants, help for everybody.  Make the roads secure. Police officers will be happy with that and increase the income for the state.”

It costs $34.50 to get a Pennsylvania driver’s license.  Lawmakers say if the bill passes, the state would see more than $2 million in revenue.

State Representative Patty Kim co-sponsors the bill.  She says, “The sad reality is there’s a lot of people who don’t have drivers license because they can’t get one and are driving out on the roads.”

Kim says the legislation is a safe move.

She says, “I don’t want to have my children drive in the back of my car and along with people who are not trained who don’t have an id or car insurance.”


  • Linda

    and why were they not arrested when they walked in to the Capital and thumbed their noses at our laws in this country.

  • Linda

    so money trumps the LAW. It is not about safety, it is about pushing for illegals to be able to vote so democrats will always get elected. If this goes thru it will show that the politicians in Harrisburg don't giive a dam about the people. And that s to bad about Pablo. BUT he is here illegally. Tell him to go back and come here legally. if some laws can be out right not forced and people rewarded for breaking them why would citizens want to continue to obey any laws. The laws mean nothing then.

  • Kev

    Why are these people not it jail? Just because they have proven that they are adept at breaking a law does not mean they should have a legal form of identification. We have a United States Marine sitting in a Mexican jail because he mistakenly took a wrong turn and these people think they are entitled to a right that is afforded American citizens and try to justify it by saying that it will generate a couple of million dollars. How about we ship all of the undocumented ie illegal aliens back to their country and save more than a couple of million dollars in legal costs when they break our laws. Give me a break, lets call them what they are, illegal and lets be clear on what they have done, they have broken the law by coming here and overstaying their welcome.

  • Jason

    This County will fall in the next 30 years if something doesn't change. I just hope I'm retired by then and out of this place

  • TheOpinionatedOne

    Ms. Kim should look up illegal in the dictionary. Being here illegally means none of these folks are entitled
    to any privileges afforded legal citizens as well as the folks who immigrated to the US legally. What is it about illegal that our lawmakers cannot understand?

  • Chad

    No way, no how…. there is no reason to pass this bill…. if they want the PRIVILEGE to operate a vehicle in this country, then become a law abiding citizen and pay your share!!!!

  • L.M

    No, just no! I'm confused as to why illegal immigrants think they deserve the same privileges as citizens. Yes, I'm sure it would be nice for illegal immigrants to have a drivers license and drive legally. I'm sure it'd be nice for the taxpayers if illegal immigrants would become citizens so they could contribute to the tax base and then they would deserve all the things that citizens deserve. I'm even for giving them licenses if they are in the middle of taking their citizenship testing as long as they finish within a certain amount of time or forfeit their license. Perhaps our government should care a bit more about our Veterans who keep getting shafted on everything from pay, to retirement benefits and also health care instead of if illegal immigrants deserve rights that they aren't really entitled to.

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