Police-involved shooting near Bloomsburg

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bloomsburgshootingA traffic stop turns violent near Bloomsburg Monday night.

It started when Hemlock Township Police Officer, Charles Dietterick stopped a tractor trailer because it was missing its front bumper.

When Dietterick pulled the truck over, he noticed several more violations and told the driver, Dan Dadean, it wasn’t fit for the road.

The Oklahoma City trucker started arguing and walking back to his truck.

The officer yelled for him to stop and used his taser but, it didn’t work.

Pennsylvania State Trooper David Peters said “Mr. Hadean then produced pepper spray sprayed the officer in his eyes. As the officer retreated, giving commands, obviously trying to get clear vision. Mr. Hadean struck the officer with a mallet type hammer on his hand knocking the taser from his hand.”

According to reports, officer Dietterick tried to get away, but the driver kept coming after him.

That’s when Dietterick shot the trucker.

Officers are now trying to figure what caused the violent reaction.

Wednesday, State Police charged Hadean with attempted homicide.