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U.S. Senator Toomey shares goals for VA Accountability Act to vets in Cumberland County

Minutes before former VA Secretary, Eric Shinseki resigned, U.S. Senator Pat Toomey said Shinseki needs to be held accountable for any wrongdoings.

Senator Toomey shared his goals for the VA Accountability Act Friday in Cumberland County.

In the early 70’s, Vietnam Veteran, Bill Cleveland, needed treatment at a VA Hospital.

He says, “I got blown up, artillery rounds, took my leg, multiple injuries.”

Cleveland says, “My own personal experience, I don’t want to go back there.”

Cleveland’s the Department Commander of the American Legion.  He says he was turned off by his care through Veterans Affairs.

Cleveland says, “You went for a 9:00 appointment, you’re sitting there for 1:00 in the afternoon still haven’t seen you.”

Cleveland’s bothered by the notion much hasn’t changed.  He says, “I feel sorry for the guys that have to use the VA and realize this doctor might not be helping you at all, might put  you on a side track saying come back in 2 weeks, 2 months.”

Senator Toomey says, “If there’s too long a wait at a VA facility or quality of care isn’t what it ought to be, then they ought to be able to go somewhere else, up to them.”

In Cumberland County, United States Senator Pat Toomey tells veterans why they VA Accountability Act should pass.

Senator Toomey says, “My legislation would help to hold accountable the people guilty of malfeasance at the VA.”

Nearly 4000 veterans receive help for VA services at the American Legion Headquarters.  Senator Toomey says support for the VA Accountability Act will ensure those men and women are protected against dishonesty and he’ll continue to fight until the legislation passes.”

Toomey says, “Men and women who put on a uniform and serve this country risk their lives, make sacrifices, those vets deserve to be first in line for the best quality healthcare in American period.”

Toomey plans on introducing the bill next week.


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