VIDEO: 14-year-old leads police on a chase nearly hitting children

SYRACUSE, Utah — A 14-year-old boy is in a juvenile detention center after leading police on a chase in his grandfather’s car.  The boy drove across a park with children running to get out of the way. The chase ended after a driver used his truck to intentionally stop the fleeing vehicle.

“The person driving the truck could see it was turning back into the park, and he did not want the car to hit all of the children, or any of the children, and he actually pulled his truck in the way so the car collided with the truck,” said Officer Erin Behm with the Syracuse Police Department. Neither the boy nor the driver of the truck were seriously injured.

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  • MyTakeOnIt

    The unfortunate thing about this is that the truck driver could be cited and probably would have been if the boy was injured. Insurance companies may react differently, too. All in all, good job.

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