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Susquehanna Township construction company help school save its murals

A local business is offering support to alumni and school board members of Susquehanna Township in Dauphin County.

The hall of murals in the high school will remain in tact, despite a $7 million construction plan which put the pictures in jeopardy.  At Tuesday’s school board meeting, Susquehanna Township business, McClure Company, looked at an alternative design to save the murals.  The project comes at an increased cost of $189,000.  But McClure says they’ll donate $100,000 and offer a 12-month payment plan with the remaining $89,000.

Acting Superintendent, Dr. Jeffrey Miller says, “We’ve got a local business, alumni association and school district partnering together around an issue and mission.”

Alumni Association and Hanna Foundation trustee, Johnny Fabian says, “The community involvement will help the board come to a good outcome for hall of murals, as well as take off their plate and allow other people to help.”

Fabian says donations will help raise the remaining balance.  In addition, the mural will be captured through digital photography.

If you would like to help, click here.


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