Meet Pig: An unusual dog beating the odds to survive

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Take one look at Pig, and you can see she’s not your typical canine.  Her veterinarian says she’s missing part of her spine, several ribs, and she has vertebrae that are fused and twisted. Her hips and joints are also rotated in the wrong positions. But because she was born this way she never knew life any differently.




This unusual little lady was born in the woods northeast of Atlanta, and it was Pig that’s responsible for saving herself and her sisters. She barked until a woman found them and took them in.

Kim Dillenbeck, who was visiting her sister in Georgia heard about Pig’s story and wanted to meet her.  “Pretty quickly, I decided to be her mother because she probably wouldn’t live,” Dillenbeck said. “We assumed that by now, she would be suffocating under her own organs, or something like that, because of her shape.”

But Pig is beating the odds and surviving.  At 8 months old, Pig weighs about 15 pounds; her sisters are closer to 35-40 pounds. Although Pig’s special needs mean Dillenbeck has to do things a little differently, she doesn’t believe the dog is in any pain.

Pig’s appearance draws a lot of attention but Dillenbeck says she’s just a happy fun-loving dog. Dillenbeck and Pig’s veterinarian don’t know what the future will bring but Dillenbeck says, “They’ve never seen anything like it, and they say it’s going to be interesting.”

It has already been interesting.


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