Red Land High School teen continues to receive truancy fines with doctors’ notes

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

We first told you about a York County mom who’s fighting for her life at the same time she faces hundreds of dollars in truancy fines last month.  Her son’s absence  from West Shore School District has put the family in financial and legal troubles.

With your donations, Dria Rhoades thought she was safe last month when she paid off nearly $1000 in her son’s fines from Red Land High School.

Dria’s son, Trevor, has Asperger’s Syndrome, Tourettes and migraines.  But even with the doctors’ notes, Trevor isn’t excused from school.

Dria says, “The notes magically disappear or they didn’t receive it….The same cycle for the fines they gave before dropped charges, now trying to bring charges back and do it again.”

Adding to her stress, Dria takes medications for her lupus and kidney failure.

Dria says, “If I’d stop taking them at any point, my death certificate would be signed.”

Son, Trevor, says, “You don’t do that to somebody that has a medical condition like she has.”

Trevor supports his mom’s fight.  They’re both ready for the school district to resolve the matter.

A spokesperson for the West Shore School District says their attendance policy has changed since May.  Schools will now accept notes from Physicians Assistants and Nurse Practitioners, in addition to Doctors.  The district will not comment specifically on the family’s situation.  Magistrate Scott Gross oversees the district and collects the fines.  We reached out to his office and they will not comment on the matter.

For more on the district’s attendance policy, contact the West Shore School District.


  • MyTakeOnIt

    Didn't we hear in this forum on previous articles from several people who claim to know the family that there is much more to consider about this situation and the history?

  • Jeanne C Brockett

    Maybe you can enroll your son in conections accadamy its a free cyber based public school its a very flexible program they send you a computer printer and also help pay your internet costs

    • MyTakeOnIt

      Great idea. In fact, it would be terrific if the masses would go to cyber schooling from home. It would solve, alleviate or reduce so many issues with education today.

      • justmyopinion

        exactly, he wouldnt even have to go to public school. That would also eliminate "bullying" if he has had any previous issues with that because of his conditions. you know kids will find ANYTHING to put someone else down about now a days. Cyber is a great way to stay at home and get himself better where he is in his natural environment and can focus more on school.

  • someone who knows the full story

    It surprised and saddens me to see this story resurface in the news yet again. Obviously the news channels have not done their research on this family. The face mask she wears only appears when she is getting ready to go on camera. She went to the local festival called the “Fairy Festival” the weekend prior to the first news broadcast and wore no mask. On the news suddenly she is wearing a mask. The mask disappeared as the hoopla died down. Even this past weekend she wore no mask. Today for the news she is suddenly wearing the mask again. Interesting.

    But let’s be honest, anyone who actually knows her and this family know that she is an actress who will say and do anything to get what she wants while simultaneously taking no responsibility. She has used the system to pay her disability money monthly not just for herself but she also receives payments from the state for each child under 18 for each of their disabilities as well. She receives each and every form of government handout she can get her hands on. She has done this for over a decade.

    She has sued for fake knee injuries that caused her to be unable to work. Yet she HAS worked during and after receiving this compensation and disability payments at the Humane Society and even at McDonald’s. She has talked several DIFFERENT people into co-signing for vehicles for her with her different sob stories…each and every one of these vehicles had to be repossessed by either the loan company (thus ruining the co-signers credit) or the family of the co-signer had to take the vehicle from her themselves because she refused to make vehicle payments for many many months.

    She has used her money that she receives from disability to buy alcohol and illegal drugs many MANY times in the past few years. She has moved her children from living with the man she was engaged to so that she could move in with his brother and get engaged to the brother as well…

    Her children do deserve compassion. Poor Trevor does have ailments. The one ailment I did not see listed for him was Fetal Alcohol Syndrome because she drank alcohol and did illegal drugs during her whole pregnancy with him.

    These children should have been removed from her care YEARS AGO. She is unfit.

    Even now, while she claims to be terminal, she is seen eating and drinking things that the doctor has told her not to consume due to her kidney failure…yet coffee and other things that are bad for her “condition” are things she gladly and proudly consumes…when not on the news camera that is.

    Ultimately Dria has lived off of our state’s resources for over a decade. She has bilked friends and family for THOUSANDS of dollars. She is a leech. She will continue to drain all of those around her to get what she wants. No doubt more uninformed and unsuspecting people will donate to her yet again and that is sad. There are some who truly do need help and she is taking from those that truly need and deserve it.

    It is a shame that the news has not interviewed the many people that Dria has used and bilked. I have not yet seen the news reporters interview the children’s father about the real story about Dria. I have yet to see any interviews with Dria’s 2 live in fiances that were brothers. I haven’t seen any interviews with anyone else that actually knows this woman.

    As for the West Shore School District…they have continued to “take the high road” with this whole fiasco. They have continued to issue “no comment” and have done everything they can to keep themselves from being drawn into her lies. I know it can’t be easy when she is running to reporters every chance she gets to try to get public pity for her lies.

    It scares me that the news will report such stories as this when they have clearly done no research on the subject of the interview. Frankly it scares me to think of how often this news channel has reported such false stories that we believe because we are supposed to be able to trust that the news reporters have done research. I will never again trust this news channel to report the truth. They have proven with these broadcasts on Dria that they do no research and can not be trusted. Hopefully the public will do the research and not just blindly follow the false facts broadcasted about Dria on their news.

    • justmyopinion

      if this is true , i feel bad for her son. He is in the middle of this mess. Granted it is HORRIBLE to take advantage of the system in such away, she ultimatley has a death sentence with her diseases. Family of mine has MS and LUPUS and they progressivly get worse. Its a sad story either way , but people who have a HUGE heart from families like this just hand money out and show compassion whilst people USE their own issues to manipulate people , the worst.

  • Blueliger92

    Gross is hard up for cash like he has always been. Saying u own more than wat u do. Also I had truancies before and they had a community service program that wud get rid of truancies but he denied me jus cuz he wanted the money!

  • just wondering

    Why hasn't Fox 43 checked out her past? Why hasn't Fox43 checked out her prior living arrangements? Why hasn't Fox43 asked her about these people from her past that know here? I have lost so much respect for Fox43. Fox43 do your homework. You were suckered the 1st time by buying into her story, but to have this all happen all over again. Should be embarrassing. If you had read the feed back on the prior stories post. Did some real background digging and then asked questions this round, you would have found a more interesting story this time. She is a player of the system and the people and you just got played.

    • this is all ridiculous

      She is a master manipulator who has played the system for years. She wants pity and more hand outs, however her and each of her children have top of the line cell phones with internet access. She cries the blues about no money to pay truancy fines but she has money for cell phones for each of her kids and herself. She doesn’t mention having cable and all of the other things either. But now she cries poverty? She has no money but has up to date clothing and gaming systems with the most recently released games? And she does all of this using hand outs from the state and government. She has things that those who work hard for a living can barely afford in this economy. Those of us who have known this woman for many years know that her kids miss school for video games or due to her just not feeling like making them go to school…NOT ILLNESS. She is once again finding a way to work the system and get what she wants by using local media to bully the school district for trying to enforce rules that she blatantly disregards due to laziness NOT ILLNESS.
      I am dismayed that the news reporters have done so little research on this woman and her family. The real story is how she has gotten away with using the system to receive compensation that she does not deserve. I am disgusted by the media attention she has received. How is it possible no one has done any real research on this woman? I am appalled that the media has helped perpetuate this situation.

      • just wondering

        So true. Wow. To bad another network doesn't pick up on the wrong she has done to her kids as well as neighbors, friends and our state welfare system. Now that would be a true news worthy story. How about another news agency looking into her Facebook and her kids Facebook pages. They talk openly about how the last round of donations not only are going to pay the fines but bank the rest for their other bills. One of the children talk about getting their computer out after the last news interview. Out? Did they hide those top of the line electronics while the news crew was there? There's picture s on their during recent events and she isn't wearing the mask then. Please let someone from the local NBC, ABC or CBS news agency or maybe the Patriot News could do some real digging. Where's the real story here? How about her old neighbors, family, children's father (he still lives her locally – Middletown Pa.) Ex-fiances that have shared a life with her and the children. What dark evil story could and would come to life? Now that sounds like a news story. Shame on you FOX for not digging into this news story like a true professional news agency.

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