Red Land High School teen continues to receive truancy fines with doctors’ notes

We first told you about a York County mom who’s fighting for her life at the same time she faces hundreds of dollars in truancy fines last month.  Her son’s absence  from West Shore School District has put the family in financial and legal troubles.

With your donations, Dria Rhoades thought she was safe last month when she paid off nearly $1000 in her son’s fines from Red Land High School.

Dria’s son, Trevor, has Asperger’s Syndrome, Tourettes and migraines.  But even with the doctors’ notes, Trevor isn’t excused from school.

Dria says, “The notes magically disappear or they didn’t receive it….The same cycle for the fines they gave before dropped charges, now trying to bring charges back and do it again.”

Adding to her stress, Dria takes medications for her lupus and kidney failure.

Dria says, “If I’d stop taking them at any point, my death certificate would be signed.”

Son, Trevor, says, “You don’t do that to somebody that has a medical condition like she has.”

Trevor supports his mom’s fight.  They’re both ready for the school district to resolve the matter.

A spokesperson for the West Shore School District says their attendance policy has changed since May.  Schools will now accept notes from Physicians Assistants and Nurse Practitioners, in addition to Doctors.  The district will not comment specifically on the family’s situation.  Magistrate Scott Gross oversees the district and collects the fines.  We reached out to his office and they will not comment on the matter.

For more on the district’s attendance policy, contact the West Shore School District.