9-year-old girl says teacher taped her mouth shut in class

A 9-year-old girl says a substitute teacher at her elementary school taped her mouth shut in class. The incident allegedly occurred on May 28th at an elementary school in Elizabeth, N.J.

She told PIX11 that the class was playing a “quiet game” and she and her friends were talking. The substitute allegedly covered her mouth up to her nose with tape, along with a few other students.

“We kept talking too much. She got very frustrated then she called on me and four students to tape (our) mouths,” student Angelique Correa Henderson told PIX11 News.

Henderson said that “it hurt” and the third grader had trouble breathing. The girl said the teacher used “duct tape and some kind of clear tape,” but the school says the incident involved minimally adhesive hobby taped.

The school says they are investigating the case and the teacher has been suspended. The girl’s father says he’s considering pressing charges.

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