Hershey’s sues Seattle-based cannabis candy maker

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The Hershey’s Company has filed a lawsuit against Seattle-based marijuana cooperative, Conscious Care Cooperative for trademark infringement.

Hershey’s filed the complaint against Conscious Care on Tuesday claiming the co-op’s actions have tarnished the candy company’s reputation.

According to the suit, the cooperative is selling cannabis products using names, marks, and designs that are imitations of Hershey’s Reese’s and Mr. Goodbar.  Some of the imitation products include, “Reefer’s peanut butter cups” and “Kush peanut putter cups”.

Package designed on the cooperative’s chocolate candy, “Mr. Dankbar” also closely resembles Hershey’s Mr. Goodbar.

The Hershey Company says safety of children is a concern and it fears that consumers may inadvertently ingest the cooperative’s products thinking that they are ordinary chocolate candy.

Hershey’s filed a similar lawsuit in Colorado also on Tuesday that was against a company that’s manufacturing and selling marijuana products that also use The Hershey Company’s trademarks.