Mourners protest gun violence at Harrisburg vigil

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Family and friends broke down at a vigil for Daylynn Smith, who was shot and killed Tuesday night on Hanover Street in Harrisburg.

The vigil was organized by Heeding God’s Call, an interfaith group that protests gun violence. They presented Smith’s family, including his father and cousins, with candles. A memorial stands at the place where Smith was shot.

“This is a place that should be safe for many children and youth, this is home and yet they’re being cut down,” says Pastor Belita Mitchell who led the service at the vigil.

The group has held these vigils since 2009; since then Mitchell says 57 people have been killed due to gun violence in Harrisburg


  • Amy

    Isn’t harrisburg a gun free city/ zone? So why all the gun violence? Maybe the city can disarm law abiding citizens since no one wants to admit what the real problems are. It can’t hurt can it? Gotta do something ….right? Even if it doesn’t address the real issues?

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