Local News

York County SPCA holds 4th Annual Bully Bash

The York County SPCA held its 4th Annual Bully Bash at John Rudy Park in East Manchester Township on Saturday. The event, which includes a 5K race, aims to end the stereotypes that are associated with the bully breed. From pits to small Boston Terriers, these dogs are placed in the same category, and people often think they are all aggressive and mean.
Organizers sat the pets are just as loving and loyal as any other dog.

Todd Hevner, Operations manager at the York County SPCA says, “Come and check us out, come and meet these animals and come to your own decision as far as what you believe these dogs are and without a doubt if you get to meet them. I’m relatively certain that you’ll find real quick that lovable, huggable, kissable, they’re all of the above.”

At the event, 25 dogs were up for adoption. Invisible Fence of Southern PA also donated pet oxygen masks to the York City Fire Department for use to help save pets’ lives in a fire.


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