Dad shoots, kills man who held gun to teen daughter

A father in St. Louis, MO shoots and kills a man after he held a gun to his seventeen-year-old daughter’s head. Police say it began with two men taking the girl at gunpoint, forcing her into her home. The girl  had been outside getting something from her car. They attempted to push her back into the home, but her father pulled out his own weapon. He says he had no choice but to open fire. “He was holding her hostage. She was a human shield. So I did what I had to do.”

KTVI reports the girl’s mother also got a gun and started shooting but she didn’t hit anyone.

The man he shot and killed was Terrell Johnson, 31, of St. Louis. The second suspect, who the father says was wearing a mask, is Cortez McClinton, 33, also of St. Louis.

More information: KTVI