Condemned homes along sinkhole infested street face demolition

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For about a year, 300 E. Cherry Street, in Palmyra, has seen on and off road closures because of the sinkholes.  Now Borough council members and homeowners are in talks on demolishing 6 condemned duplexes.

Earlier in June, property owners met with borough council to go over a geophysical report from the ARM Group, Inc.

The study shows demolition would be a right step in cleaning up the street.  Borough Manager, Roger Powl says the owners will have to make the initial decision to demolish the properties.  Powl thinks they’ll be under one demolition contract to save money.  A demolition date hasn’t been set.  The study shows the borough’s geological makeup is the cause of the ongoing sinkhole problem.

Powl says, “We’re blessed with limestone and its prone to sinkholes and the study showed not only do we have that, we have a natural bedrock fracture as well.”

(Story photos courtesy: Jael Wolf)