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Police investigating two Lemoyne Borough employees for theft

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Is it a case of certain borough employees stealing taxpayer money? That is what police in Cumberland County are trying to figure out.

While they have not been charged, two Lemoyne Borough employees are on unpaid administrative leave while West Shore Regional Police investigate whether they stole money from the sale of scrap metal that belonged to the borough and sewer plant.

“These were two key employees and we depended on them for a lot different things, so it has been difficult,” said Lemoyne Borough Manager Robert Ilhein. Ilhein said council members called police after receiving a phone call from a scrap yard. “They said would you rather have a check as opposed to us giving cash to one of your employees, and that kind of started questions and it kind of snowballed from there,” said Ilhein.

According to a search warrant Lemoyne Borough Maintenance Supervisor John Paden admitted to cashing in scrap metal and keeping the money.  Court documents also indicate that Paden claims he split the profits with two others, the Sewer Department Supervisor and the former Lemoyne Police Chief. “It has shocked people. It’s just something we weren’t aware was going on so it’s been difficult,” said Ilhein.

Police believe the theft has been going on since the early 90’s. They are still tracking down how much money is involved, but believe it is thousands of dollars.


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