Student charged with possession of weapon on school property

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A 12th grade student at  Manheim Township High School faces charges for bringing weapons to school. Township Police say school officials found two hunting knives and drug paraphernalia on May 22th, in a vehicle driven by 18 year old Randolph Behm, III.  The vehicle was in the high school parking lot.

Behm is charged with Possession of a Weapon on School Property and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.



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  • Annonymous

    As a personal friend of this student, I can honestly say that he had no intention of using said knives in a malicious manner, he is an avid hunter, and works in the industrial industry, where use of tools and knives, one of which was actually a utility knife (found in the toolbox in the back of his car) NOT A HUNTING KNIFE is common. to be completely honest, i am disappointed that the news is portraying Randy as a Bad person, he is a normal person, with friends, negligible but acceptable grades, and a great personality. Shame on you for not doing more research on the subject and potentially ruining his career path by smearing this all over the community.

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