Bill Murray photobombs couple’s engagement photoshoot

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CHARLESTON, N.C. — Bill Murray is back — and this time he’s crashing engagement photos.

Earlier this year, Bill Murray crashed a bachelor party in Charleston. Now, he’s crashing a couple’s engagement photo session.

A photographer for Fia Forever Wedding Photography was shooting pictures of Ashley Donald & Erik Rogers in April when he noticed they seemed “stunned and distracted,” according to a posting on the website.

“I think to myself – oh great, someone is bothering them – I turn around and I see Mr. Murray standing there with his shirt pulled up and belly proudly on display which he is patting pretty loudly in an attempt to make the couple laugh,” the photographer wrote in a posting on the Fia Forever Wedding Photography website.

Murray was then invited to appear in one of the pictures.

“He obliged and congratulated them and went on his way…leaving behind an extremely happy couple and this photo that will be forever remembered by this couple (and us!!!),” the posting said.