Cumberland County Sheriff’s Deputies Use Social Media To Find Fugitives

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Sheriff’s Deputies are hoping a few clicks of a mouse will help them find fugitives wanted throughout Cumberland County.

“If it’s not daily, it’s almost every day that we are getting a tip whether it’s, ‘Hey, this is my cousin; this is my ex-boyfriend. He’s living or she’s living wherever at this point,’” said Deputy Ron Kerr, the warrant supervisor with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

It’s all part of their new social media initiative which includes, “Manhunt Monday, Wanted Wednesday and Fugitive Fridays,” Deputy Kerr added.

Three times a week deputies will post to the Cumberland County Fugitive Unit Facebook Page and Twitter Account.

They’ll add the person’fugitivefbs picture, their last known address, age and what they’re wanted for.

“We usually go after the ones that owe thousands of dollars that just haven’t paid,” Deputy Kerr said. “Last week we put one on that was over 35,000 dollars.”

Then deputies wait for people in the community to offer tips that will help track down the wanted person.

Within just 10 weeks and more than 1300 ‘Likes’ later, deputies say they’ve been able to clear up more than 15 warrants.

“They’re telling us where they’re at, so it’s cutting out the middle man where we don’t have to knock on doors that are no good,” Deputy Kerr said. “So it’s time and it’s saving money so now we are not driving to an address in Enola, when he’s living in Carlisle.”