Golf Tip of the Week: Fairway Bunker Shot

We go to Out Door Country Club in York County for the Sutliff Chevrolet FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week.  Joining us now is their Head PGA Pro, Jason Gebhart.

Jason Gebhart, Out Door CC PGA Pro

“The tip for this week is hitting from the fairway bunker.  So if we are going to hit a fairway bunker shot, unlike a greenside bunker shot, we actually want to make sure that we hit the ball on this shot.  The 2nd thing is we want to make sure that we take enough club to get over the front lip.  But from a technical standpoint, we want to make sure that we play the ball in the back of our stance.  Our weight will be a little forward to make sure that we hit down on the ball.  And from there we are going to try to pick the ball off the sand.”

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