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Suspect tried to steal Nicorette, razors from Target

Exit – Vestibule {AP 423} (6_11_2014 2_05_38 PM) (2) (2)

East Lampeter Township Police are looking for a man they say tried to pilfer nearly $800 worth of Nicorette gum and Gillette razors from the Target on Covered Bridge Road Wednesday afternoon. Target Loss Prevention reported that the suspect concealed 16 boxes of Nicorette gum and four packs of Gillette razors with a total retail value of $795.84 in a trash bag.  Loss prevention personnel confronted the suspect as he attempted to leave the store. The suspect dropped the merchandise and ran out of the store. He left the Target parking lot in a black Mitsubishi coupe.

Exterior – PL Front #3 {AP 2009} (6_11_2014 2_06_23 PM)
Police say may have pulled off similar retail thefts at Target stores in Philadelphia, Harrisburg and New Jersey.   Anyone with information is asked to contact ELTPD Officer Doug Jaquith (717) 291-4676.


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