Corbett discusses Veteran Affairs in Williamsport

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Governor Corbett visited the VA Hospital in Williamsport on Friday to meet with veterans and advocate groups to discuss ways to get veterans better care.

Mr. Corbett, along with five other governors across the country, sent a letter to the Obama administration last week, asking the president to create real reform and help solve the healthcare crisis facing the nation’s veterans.

The letter urges President Obama to allow states to conduct reviews of VA facilities, it also calls for the suspension of the current VA bonus system and seeks federal vouchers for any veteran who is unable to secure a doctor’s appointment within the 30 day period.

Governor Corbett says, “I’m urging the President to grant the request that we have made so that we can make certain that our veterans are receiving the due service that they’re entitled to from the facilities of the Veteran’s Administration and are receiving the optimal care from the Veteran’s Administration.”

In addition, Governor Corbett has launched an internet-based form for Pennsylvania veterans to report concerns experienced at VA Hospitals and facilities in the state.

You can raise your concerns here,