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Historic Menges Mills Haunted Scream Park sold for $525,000

The historic Haunted Mill Scream Park, near Hanover, York County went on the auction block on Saturday.
Dozens came out to bid on the historic Menges Mills property, auctioned by Fortna Auctioneers and Marketing Group.
It’s one of the oldest mills in the nation; the first buildings were constructed in 1783 and many still include their original features.
People from several states and even Canada threw up their bidding numbers for the 170-acre property.
“There’s a lot of land, so you can do different things with, so I think with the large plot plan, and the variety of things that have been operating here, there’s a lot of interest,” says Michael R. Fortna, CEO, Fortna Auctioneers & Marketing Group.
Parts of the Mill went up for sale following the death of the property’s main caretaker.
A Maryland woman offered the winning bid of $525,000.
She is the new owner of the haunted mill, along with other rental buildings, barns and outbuildings, including The Farm Travel Club, a swinger-lifestyle club.
At this point, we know she plans to keep the Haunted Mill intact and operational for Halloween spookiness.


2 Comments to “Historic Menges Mills Haunted Scream Park sold for $525,000”

    justmyopinion said:
    June 16, 2014 at 9:16 AM

    thats great that she is keeping the mill open for an attraction. She will make that money back in a short amount of time, smart lady. Plus i normally go every year, its exciting to know im still able to go this coming year.

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