U.S. Supreme Court rules against handgun straw purchases


By, Heather Warner

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that gun buyers must disclose when they are buying a gun for someone else.

The 5-4 decision backs a federal gun control law against these so-called “straw purchases.”

The case involved a Virginia man who illegally told a gun dealer he was the “actual buyer,” then sold the weapon to his uncle in Pennsylvania, who was also allowed to legally own a gun.

The ruling means gun buyers must disclose any intent to resell at the time of purchase.


  • Joe

    Silly comment. Better yet, let's see how many weapons used in crimes are even bought subject to any rules at all. Other than by wackos, I'd say almost none.

  • Mugen

    People with good intentions also smoke, buy knives, and drive cars with and without moments of insanity, hastily, carelessly or recklessly with no harm to anyone or themselves. Wait a second I think I got that wrong. Hey, a good thing we can make up our own facts right?

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