Local News

Former patients concerned after private medical records discovered near dumpster

When Pam List needed Gallbladder surgery 30 years ago, Dr. Dale McCormick was her man. “I had no problems with him,” List said. “He was a very nice doctor.” However since medical records of his patients were found at a public dump site in York County, she’s afraid her identity might be compromised. “Very vulnerable,” List said. “Very, very vulnerable. At my age of my life right now I don’t need these hassles and neither does anybody else.”

Ellen O’Connor works for the York County Solid Waste Authority, where the records were found. “Why in this day an age of identity theft someone would put something like that into a public arena is a little questionable,” O’Connor said. The Pennsylvania Department of State said that if you were a patient of McCormick’s and feel your information may be compromised; you can file a complaint online by clicking here.

The Department of State also said that Dr. McCormick had a clean record after nearly 52 years as a practicing surgeon. He most recently worked at York Academy of Surgery before retiring.


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